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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
3.5mm Jack

Most popular Samsung Galaxy S8+ Accessories

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus you’re the owner of one of the most advanced smartphones on the market. Its huge Octa-Core processor (4 x 2.45 GHz) makes it stand out as a pure powerhouse. Elsewhere, there’s the huge 5.8-inch screen that has a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. With a 91.7% pixel to body ratio, the S8 Plus is all about the display and with intuitive features such as 3D touch, the S8 Plus is a phone that pulls out all the stops. To help you truly get the most out of life with your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, it’s worth considering accessories that have been designed with your S8 Plus in mind. Whether it’s elasticated finger grips that double up as a stand for your S8 Plus, or it’s a power-bank that means you can stay fully charged while you’re on the go, our full range of Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories will not only make life with your S8 plus easier, but also enhance it.

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