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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
3.5mm Jack

Chose from the best and widest range of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge accessories

With its advanced Exynos 7420 Octa chipset and Octa-core 64 bit CPU, the Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge is capable of lightning-fast processing, so say goodbye to buffering videos and stuttering functionality when you use your smartphone to multitask. The Exynos 7420 chip is 35% more energy-efficient than Samsung’s previous chips, as well as being more productive and offering 20% better performance. So when you demand a lot from your s6 Edge, it won’t fail to deliver. In order to take full advantage of this increased performance, it makes sense to pick out some Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge accessories from our selection. Why not try a Micro USB Razor Electric Shaver, which plugs right into your s6 Edge and is ideal for travelling? Or perhaps you’d like a phone stand so that you can watch movies in comfort, or to use in the car so you can keep an eye on your GPS map? Both of these and many more accessories have been specially manufactured for your new Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge.

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