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Galaxy S8 Spare Replacement Parts Camera Lens Cover LCD Digitizers | Fone Stuff

Any proud new owner of a Samsung Galaxy s8 will feel compelled to take as many steps to protect their new smartphone as possible. For your reassurance, Samsung have constructed the s8 to be almost fool-proof; in fact it has qualified for the highest possible certification for resistance to dust and water that a smartphone can receive. This is called the IP68, and it means that the Samsung Galaxy s8 is dust proof and water resistant at depths of up to 1.5 meters, within a timeframe of 30 minutes. Even so, it’s smart to anticipate accidents and be prepared for them in case they happen. This leads many smartphone owners to invest in specially designed tool kits to keep at home, like our 35 in 1 mobile and tablet repair tool kit, which comes with ten different screwdrivers as well as a plethora of other useful tools. This kit ensures that you’ll be able to fit spare parts, such as LCDs or a replacement camera lens cover, which are two of the most popularly-replaced items. If it’s a small fix your S8 needs then don’t pay out for a professional, mend it yourself for free!