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Samsung Galaxy S8 Gadgets and Hobbies - Drones, Cars, RC Controlled, Aviation, Quadcopters, Gyro Flyers

One of the biggest leaps on in functionality the Samsung Galaxy s8 has made from its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy s7, is in internal memory. The s8 has either 64/128GB of internal memory as compared with the s7’s 32/64 GB. You’ll probably immediately begin taking photos and downloading apps onto your new s8, but as you’re starting with this huge internal memory you’ll be far less likely to eventually need to purchase a microSD card to free up space. Other activities to try out with your Samsung Galaxy s8 are flying drones and quadcopters, using your s8 as the remote control. Volarvin’s quadcopter drones are compact enough to take anywhere, and best of all, the flight is beamed live to the screen of your Samsung Galaxy s8, giving you an unmissable piloting experience. Perhaps you’d like to watch HD movies in cinema quality, and play 3D games in the most immersive way possible – then one of our VR headsets is for you.

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