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With its super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, which is capable of displaying 16M colours, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a phone you’re going to want to show off and accessorise. As well as its top of the range display, it boasts an Octa-core CPU, the latest innovation in mobile technology. This means you have double the number of processor cores than with a quad-core processor, four of which are specially designed to kick in and support with more demanding commands such as multitasking, fast-reaction camera commands or 3D gameplay. This smart development means your Samsung Galaxy S6 will always run smoothly, putting an end to buffering games and ensuring you always catch the moment as your camera leaps quickly into action. On this page you’ll find stylish and ergonomically sound Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories to enhance your experience with your new phone even further. Whether it’s a running belt to keep your smartphone safe on your jog, or a tripod to take family selfies, these accessories offer ideas to expand your Galaxy even further.


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