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Galaxy S6 Edge Spare Parts LCD Digitizers Charging Flex Mic Screens | Fone Stuff

With the Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge, Samsung have combined smart safety features with thrilling technological advances. This means that the s6 Edge has the highest standard Corning Gorilla Glass 4 glass on the screen, as well as a protective panel made of the same material to the back of the smartphone. This should reassure you that Samsung has given you the best possible head start in protecting your phone from knocks and scratches. Which is exactly what you need, because your new Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge features a 16 megapixel camera that you’re going to want to keep pristine. However, don’t worry if you notice that your camera lens cover stops looking brand new after a while, because it is very easy to fit a replacement lens cover, or indeed any spare part, once you invest in a repair kit such as our 35 in 1 mobile and tablet repair kit. A kit such as this will enable you to carry out minor repair jobs on your phone as well as fitting new parts, such as LCDs.