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Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Spare Parts LCD Digitizers Charging Flex Mic Screens | Fone Stuff

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel as well as a specially-designed curved edge screen, all of which have been put in place by Samsung to prolong your phone’s life in the face of inevitable bumps and scrapes. But even though the S6 has been designed with longevity and safety in mind, it’s still smart to protect your phone as best you can and to be prepared for fixing your smartphone yourself wherever possible. Once it’s out of the factory and in your hands, to best care for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus it’s advisable to purchase a repair kit which will enable you to deal with small repair jobs yourself, such as the replacement of LCDs or camera lens covers. Spare parts tailor made for the S6 are available, as is our 35-in-1 mobile and tablet repair tool kit which contains many different types of screwdriver, as well as double edged Opener Sticks, Triangle Spudgers, Magnetizer, Suction Cup, Magnifier, Suction Cup Holder and Tweezers, so you’ll be fully equipped to deal with issues at home and save on paying out to a professional.