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  • Universal Wall Plug Charger
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Haweel® 2 Port USB Plug - White (UK)

Product ID: 7199


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Next Day Delivery
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
UK Based Team
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  • Why We Like It
    • It is a universal wall plug with dual USB ports.
    • It has a maximum output voltage of 5V generating a maximum current of 2.1A.
    • Its compact design saves a lot of space and increases its portability.
    • It is a universal item that can charge mobile phones and tablets simultaneously.
    • It features a protective circuit to prevent overcharging or overheating of your devices.
  • Description

    Ultimate Charging Solution: These days every gadget you buy requires charging by the use of a USB cable and a USB Plug adapter. The problem is the more and more gadgets we buy we seem to have less and fewer plugs to charge these hungry devices with and even end up in an argument to who charges what and when. Introducing the new dual USB port mains wall charger, which charges two devices simultaneously allowing other users to plug in their appliances or devices without occupying another socket in the house or office.

    Compact & Lightweight: This new port is compact, small and lightweight so you can carry this charger where ever you go. Its small size makes it highly portable and ideal for travel. However, it can also be used at home or in the office to charge more than one device simultaneously. So you can use this charger at your convenience anytime, anywhere.

    Safe to Use: This 2 port charger also has a sophisticated circuit surge protection built in so you can be assured that your devices will be protected fully. This charger prevents the possibility of poor contact making it safe for use around family and even children. With the Haweel two Port USB Plug, your devices are safe from overheating, short-circuiting and harmful voltage surges &  spikes.

    Energy Efficient: The great thing about this charger is it has a high efficiency and low energy consumption meanings it's eco-friendly. It has a maximum voltage of 5V generating maximum current of 2.1A. We believe it is important to be considerate of our ecosystem and this is a device that does not harm it, as it consumes energy optimally without any unnecessary wastage.


    Material Used: TPU Plastic

    Product Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 45mm

    Product Weight: 60 g

    Colour & Finish: Matte White

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