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Making quality cases comes easily to Nillkin. A relatively new brand, they have quickly made their name by creating high-quality cases and wireless chargers that their customers know they can rely on time and time again. By providing some of the best genuine products around, Nillkin are able to continually come up with innovative cases that not only protect your device but also enhance it. Our range of Nillkin cases showcase the best of ingenuity and practicality. From the simple elegance of their silver cases that bring a business style design to the iPhone 7, to their magic cases that charge your phone at the same time as protecting it. With their wireless chargers, Nillkin have created a case that brings wireless charging to the iPhone. So if you find yourself running low on battery while you're out and about, a Nillkin wireless charging magic case will allow you to top up your battery on any QI wireless charger. Elsewhere, there’s the Nillkin caller ID leather case that makes a typical workday easier by allowing users to see the caller ID without having to flip the case to see who is calling them.

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Device Model
  1. iPhone 6s (1)
  2. iPhone 6 (1)
  3. Galaxy A5 (2016) (1)
  4. iPhone 7 Plus (2)
  5. iPhone 7 (2)
  6. iPhone 8 Plus (2)
  7. iPhone 8 (2)
By Type
  1. Back Covers (5)
  2. Wallets and Flips (1)
By Connectivity
  1. Wireless (3)
  2. Qi (3)
By Colour
  1. Silver (2)
  2. Gold (4)
  3. Black (6)
By Material
  1. TPU/Gel (3)
  2. Metal (2)
  3. Hard Plastic (5)
  4. PU Leather (3)
  5. Polycarbonate (3)

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