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iPhone 7 6s 6 Full Edge to Edge TPU Screen Protector



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Screen Protectors
  • Why We Like It
    • FULL COVERAGE Apple iPhone 7 6s 6 TPU Screen Protector Full Edge to Edge keeping your mobile screen FREE from scratches
    • TPU SCREEN PROTECTOR will fit into place giving your Apple iPhone 7 6s 6 FULL PROTECTION to cover the full glass area
    • SPECIAL MULTI LAYER PROTECTION gives the screen protector EXTRA durability against them everyday scratches
    • ULTRA THIN DESIGN with MATCHING BORDER to make the Apple iPhone 7 6s 6 TPU Screen Protector LOOK and FEEL part of our phone
    • Made from HIGH RESISTANCE TPU plastic which is THICKER than normal screen protectors, providing BETTER PROTECTION from scratches
  • Description

    This Apple iPhone 7 6s 6 TPU screen protector is brilliant to keep your mobile safe from them every day scratches as it provides full edge to edge coverage.

    As this made from a TPU plastic it can be easily applied without causing bubbles and it will bend into place for an exact perfect fit for absolute coverage to the edge of your mobile.

    This TPU screen protector is made from multi layers of TPU which gives the ability to absorb out the small marks and scratches caused by everyday use, keeping your TPU screen protector looking like new.

    Made from a high resistance TPU plastic this is thicker than normal screen protectors providing you better all-round protection, but still at the same time is ultra-thin and has a color matching boarder making it look and feel part of your Apple iPhone 6s 6.

  • Compatibility
    iPhone 6
    iPhone 6s
    iPhone 7
  • Delivery