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iPhone 6s 6 Case 360 Belt Clip and Stand - Black



  • Why We Like It
    • Dual purpose case that allows you to have a detachable belt clip on or off
    • Rigid texture to add extra grip when held
    • Designed specifically for your Apple iPhone 6s/6
    • Cinema view stand to allow you to view your favourite videos at a comfortable angle
    • Rotates 180 degrees at your comfort
  • Description

    The multi-functional rigid rotating hard-cover for the Apple iPhone 6s/6 has been designed for the best of both worlds. Those who want a belt clip and for those who may want to remove it from time to time as it may not be needed or come in the way.

    The detachable case easily slides on and off when needed and when attached it can be used as a stand or to simply clip your iPhone 6 on your belt.

    The rotating belt clip can be also rotated to a 180 degree angle so you can have it clipped or standing in different angles when watching videos or pictures. The exterior case has been also designed to give additional protection for your Apple iPhone when needed to.

    This functions and buttons can be accessed with both cases attached together.

  • Compatibility
    iPhone 6
    iPhone 6s
  • Delivery

Product ID: 6609

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