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Hero5 Session Chargers Cables HDMI Batteries Car-Chargers | Fone Stuff

With the Hero 5 Session, in order to save size, there’s no viewfinder or display. Designed with having a compact design in mind, the Hero 5 Session is incredibly lightweight and, because there’s no display, users of the Session will find that the battery life is remarkably improved when compared to other GoPro models. That said, there are still plenty of activities that will drain your Session’s power. If, for example, you find yourself recording constantly in 4K, you may need to ensure that your GoPro’s battery is topped up. Here you’ll find everything you need and more to ensure that you don’t miss out on capturing the perfect bit of footage, or taking a stunning photograph because the battery on your GoPro has died. From cables for data transfer to portable chargers and much more, our selection will help your GoPro stay charged and ready to go for as long as you want to film.