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Hero5 Session Accessories Head Straps Wrist Mount Chest Straps Tripods Bundles | Fone Stuff

The GoPro Hero 5 Session lets you get closer to the action than ever. Thanks to its waterproof features, you can just mount the camera and get on with whatever you’re doing without having to worry about protecting the Session from water damage. With a raft of recording options that range from WVGA all the way to crystal clear 4K, the Hero 5 Session gives you more shooting choices than ever before. Owners of the Hero 5 Session can even adjust the frame rate if they want slow motion recording and there’s also five field of view settings you can choose from. Those setting range from narrow and linear to superview, allowing you to get just the right effect for your video or photo. To help you get the most out of your GoPro, we’ve put together a wide range of Hero5 session accessories that are designed to enhance life with your Hero5 session. Whether you need waterproof accessories such as lens covers sets, or you’ve got a shot in mind that requires the help of tripods, you’re sure to find it here as-well as mounts, chargers and more!

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  1. Lens Filter (1)
  2. All in 1 Bundle Kits (7)
  3. Pet Harnesses (1)
  4. Car Accessories (1)
  5. Chest Strap (1)
  6. Wrist Strap (4)
  7. Head Strap (2)
  8. Backback Clip (1)
  9. Sun Visor Clip (2)
  10. Bags and Cases (1)
  11. Anti-Fog (1)
  12. Tripod & Poles (12)
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  3. ABS (3)
  4. Foam (1)
  5. Nylon (4)
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  1. Puluz (23)
  2. Fone Stuff (8)

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