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Hero4 Silver Parts Adapters Thumbscrews Nuts Tripod Mounts Accessories | Fone Stuff

If there’s one thing that GoPro knows how to do it’s shoot action and the Hero 4 Silver is no different. Made with your busy lifestyle in mind, the Hero 4 Silver offers both shockproof and waterproof protection meaning that you can rest assured you have a highly durable piece of kit. With such a busy lifestyle however, it’s easy to misplace things from time to time, and that can be particularly true with the small parts that come with your GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Not to worry, though! Here we have all the replacements you need for your GoPro Hero 4 Silver. If for example, you need some new thumb screws, you’ll find them right here. We even have pivot mounts, adapters and more. So, whether its bolts or a selection of replacement parts you’re after, we can help and you’ll have a fully functioning GoPro Hero 4 Silver before you know it!