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Hero4 Black Chargers Cables HDMI Batteries Car-Chargers | Fone Stuff

When it comes to the Hero 4 Black, it has been designed for action. With its durable finish, the camera can stand up to some pretty tough tests. When you’re always on the go however, it can be hard to make sure that the GoPro’s battery is always topped up and ready to go. Shooting in 4K is notoriously hard on battery life, so if you’ve got an event that you plan on continuously filming, it’s a good idea to have as many power options as possible. Additionally, there’s the possibility of the Hero 4 Black’s battery life diminishing if you use the Wi-Fi functionality. By turning on the Wi-Fi and the app, the battery life could go down by a quarter, making it especially important to have all the chargers and cables you need. We stock a range of portable power banks, data transfer cables and more that make staying fully charged easier than ever. So if you need to capture the perfect shot, you don’t have to worry about your battery life dying out.

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