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Hero3+ Parts and Adapters - Thumbscrews, Nuts, Tripod Mounts, Ball Head Mount Accessories

With the GoPro Hero 3 Plus, you’re able to shoot 1080p footage at 60, 50, 30 or 25 frames per second meaning that, depending on the situation, you can adjust your footage accordingly. So, if you want a slow motion shot of some snowboarding, then the Hero 3 Plus is more than up to that task. There’s also an Ultra Wide option, which makes creating vast and beautiful shots easier than ever. With Wi-Fi built in and the 1180mAH rechargeable battery plus a host of other specifications and features, the Hero 3 Plus is a seriously impressive piece of kit. So, in order to make sure it stays impressive, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s always in full working order. That could mean fitting replacements from time to time. So, if you’ve misplaced some bolts or thumb screws, we can help you out. Here you’ll find a range of replacements parts and adapters, there are even pivot mounts in case you’ve accidentally damaged or lost yours.

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  1. Accessory Mounts (8)
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  4. Thumb Screws (2)
  5. Remote Straps (1)
  6. Replacements (1)
  7. Bike/Bicycle Mount/Adapter (1)
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