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Hero3 Accessories - Head Straps, Wrist Mount, Chest Straps, Tripods & Poles, Car Accessories Bundle Kits Many More

With the GoPro Hero 3, you‘re able to shoot great footage time and time again thanks to its HD capabilities. With 1080p recording at your fingertips, you’re able to do justice to the activity you’re capturing, whether it’s playing in a band, extreme sports, or just going for a run, the GoPro Hero 3 is ready for all sorts of activities and events. With so many possibilities, it makes sense to truly get the most out of your GoPro Hero 3 by using accessories that can help you. On this page, you can find a selection of high quality, durable and reliable Hero3 accessories that have been designed with helping you get the most out of your GoPro in mind. From adaptable and easy to use mounts and tripods to protective lens covers sets and waterproof cases; we have accessories for every activity. So, if you’re looking for accessories for your Hero3, then you’re in the right place. To get started, simply browse this page or you can narrow your search via the side menu.

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By Accessory
  1. Lens Filter (1)
  2. All in 1 Bundle Kits (6)
  3. Pet Harnesses (1)
  4. Car Accessories (1)
  5. Chest Strap (1)
  6. Wrist Strap (4)
  7. Head Strap (2)
  8. Backback Clip (1)
  9. Sun Visor Clip (2)
  10. Anti-Fog (1)
  11. Tripod & Poles (12)
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By Colour
  1. Yellow (1)
  2. Orange (2)
  3. Black (17)
  4. Blue (1)
  5. Clear (1)
By Material
  1. Metal (5)
  2. Hard Plastic (2)
  3. ABS (3)
  4. Foam (1)
  5. Nylon (4)
By Brand
  1. Puluz (21)
  2. Fone Stuff (8)

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