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Hero3 Power and Cables - Batteries, Cables, Chargers, Car Chargers and Many More

With its 1050mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the GoPro Hero 3 has been designed to support the active lifestyle. Offering improved battery life to some of the older GoPro models, the Hero 3 delivers long-lasting reliable power. Sometimes however, we need more than long-lasting power in order to get the shots we need, particularly if we want to shoot for a full day. Thanks to its USB connectivity however, there are a number of options available that allow the GoPro Hero 3 to stay charged for as long as we want it to. We have a range of options from rotatable power socket adapters to Power Banks and dual battery chargers for your GoPro Hero 3. All of which means you can rest assured that your battery will stay topped up throughout the day. We even stock cables for data transfer if you need to free up some space on your GoPro, put simply, no-matter what you need, you’ll find all your GoPro Hero 3 power solutions right here.