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HD Hero 2 Black Parts Adapters Thumbscrews Nuts Tripod Mounts Accessories | Fone Stuff

With the GoPro Hero 2, you’ll notice that you get some additional parts and equipment in the box to go alongside your camera. This includes everything from waterproof housing to take your GoPro Hero 2 underwater to a three-way pivot arm for getting tricky shots. There are also helpful adhesive mounts as-well as helmet and head straps to make capturing footage easier than ever. With the array of recording options that the GoPro gives you however, it’s understandable that if, from time to time, you may end up misplacing a few of them. Here you’ll find everything replacements such as bolts and thumb screws as-well as adapters that can help you ensure that your GoPro Hero 2 is always performing to maximum capacity. So if you’re in need of some replacements or spare parts for your GoPro, our selection has been designed to make finding them as hassle free as possible.

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By Part
  1. Accessory Mounts (8)
  2. Tripod Mounts (2)
  3. Nuts and Bolts (2)
  4. Thumb Screws (3)
  5. Remote Straps (1)
  6. Bike/Bicycle Mount/Adapter (1)
By Material
  1. Metal (3)
  2. Hard Plastic (1)
By Brand
  1. Puluz (11)
  2. Fone Stuff (2)

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