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Hero5 Session Cases Waterproof Housing Bags Screen Protectors Lens Cover | Fone Stuff

Although the GoPro Hero 5 Session is waterproof without a case, it’s always best to take as many precautions as possible when it comes to taking your GoPro with you when you’re on the go. With the GoPro Hero 5 Session, it’s all about space saving, because the Session doesn’t have a viewfinder or a display, it’s one of the most lightweight and small GoPro Cameras ever produced. So, in order to shield it from any accidents correctly, you’re going to need protection that has been designed with the Hero 5 Session specifically in mind. On this page you’ll find everything from waterproof travel accessory cases to storage bags that make for the perfect companion to your GoPro Hero 5 Session. We want to make sure that your GoPro is fully protected at all times, so if you’re looking for high quality, durable protection that can be relied upon time and time again, then you’re in the right place.

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