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HERO 4 Silver - Accessories, Parts, Adapters, Mounts, Cases Chargers Batteries, Storage

With a maximum video resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver packs a lot into its relatively small frame. Photographers and videographers alike have come to regard the Gopro Hero 4 Silver as one of the best portable cameras around. With an ISO that you can adjust all the way to 6400, it gives you a genuinely impressive range to play with, particularly if you’re in low light conditions. Elsewhere there is the wide angle lens, allowing for a range of shots and the standard shockproof and waterproof features which makes the GoPro Hero 4 Silver a piece of technology that is suitable for everything from diving to skiing and beyond. There are also additional features such as sharpness control and high-speed recording, users can even take photos at the same time as recording a video. All in all, the Hero 4 Silver is a camera that is both ready for action, but also has some fantastic features to boot.


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