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Hero3 Cases Waterproof Housing Bags Screen Protectors Lens Cover | Fone Stuff

With its waterproof housing attached, the GoPro Hero 3 is capable of performing up to 60m underwater, making it possible for you to capture spectacular shots of life beneath the surface. Additionally, there is a range of improvements that GoPro have made when you compare the Hero 3 to some of its predecessors, the most impressive of which is perhaps the HD recording, which gives users the chance to capture 1080p footage at 30 frames per second. In order to protect your GoPro Hero 3 from any potential accidents, and keep it performing as it should, it’s a good idea to think about protective accessories that can not only shield your Hero 3 from accidents, but also make life with it easier. Here you’ll find a range of bags and cases and more that offer secure housing for your Hero 3 and its accessories, we even stock high-quality waterproof cases if you’re planning on going near the water.

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