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HD Hero 2 Cases Waterproof Housing Bags Screen Protectors Lens Cover | Fone Stuff

To get the most out of your GoPro Hero 2, you’re going to want to take it with you everywhere you go. That may include mountain slopes, trekking through a desert or even going underwater! With that in mind, it’s a good idea to always make sure that your Hero 2 is fully protected against any potential accidents. One of the best ways you can prevent against any unwanted bumps or scratches is by having cases that have been designed to securely hold your GoPro along with plenty of its accessories. Here you’ll find a high-quality selection of bags and cases that not only offer protection, but they make life with your GoPro easy. Lightweight and effortlessly transportable, they will provide a safe home for your Hero 2 and any accessories you might have. We also have protection from the water too, with our reliable and durable waterproof cases, you’ll have all the protection you need from water damage.

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