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HD HERO 2 - Accessories, Parts, Adapters, Mounts, Cases Chargers Batteries, Storage

When it comes to portable cameras, the GoPro Hero 2 offers up some genuinely impressive features. From its marine grade case to its water resistant features that lets you take it up to 197 feet under water, the GoPro Hero 2 takes some of the best things about GoPro, and packs them into its small frame. GoPro have also taken to improving the optics on the Hero 2 and they even introduced a new video and still photo-shooting mode to make shooting video and taking pictures easier and more straightforward than ever. With a whole new interface, the GoPro Hero 2 is altogether a much more accessible camera than some of its predecessors. There’s even a wide-angle lens on offer, meaning that as long as you’re close to the action, you can capture beautiful photos with ease. Ultimately, however, the GoPro Hero 2 is all about its stripped back and cleaner functionality, which makes navigating through its notable list of features incredibly easy.