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HD HERO - Accessories, Parts, Adapters, Mounts, Cases Chargers Batteries, Storage

With the GoPro HD Hero, GoPro have managed to pack a lot of impressive features into its small case. Water resistant up to 197 feet, the HD Hero is ideal for recording and capturing pictures in a wide range of scenarios. Whether you’re taking to the slopes or you’re heading to unfamiliar terrains, the HD Hero can shoot HD video with a resolution of 1920x1080, so no-matter how unsure you are of your surroundings, you can be confident that you’ll always be able to record professional footage in crystal clear clarity. With a depth of just 1.2 inches, the GoPro HD Hero is ready for action, extremely lightweight and portable, it’s mountable to everything from helmets to cars so you can record spectacular footage without having to fiddle around with the camera. In-fact, it allows you to go completely hands-free so you can get on with everything from extreme sports to a light jog with an unobtrusive camera ready to capture all the footage you want.


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