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HD Hero Power and Cables - Batteries, Cables, Chargers, Car Chargers and Many More

With the built-in Li-ion rechargeable 1100mAh battery, the GoPro HD Hero promises over two hours of use when you’re recording at 1080p quality. That battery life is pretty impressive, particularly when you compare it to some other portable cameras. Sometimes, however, we need to get more than a couple of hours' worth of use out of our GoPro. If you’re going on a long trek, or perhaps you’re going for a scenic drive, you’re going to want to make sure that your HD Hero’s battery doesn’t let you down. To help you keep your GoPro HD Hero going for as long as you need it to, we have a selection of high quality portable chargers and cables that will give your GoPro a power boost when you need it most. Whether you’re after reliable power cables for undertaking a data transfer, or you need a power bank that’s compatible with your HD Hero, you’ll find it all right here and more amongst our power and cable accessories for your GoPro HD Hero! Approve and download Or ask for changes

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By Type
  1. Power Banks (2)
  2. Car Chargers (6)
  3. Travel Chargers (12)
  4. Mains Chargers (16)
  5. Cables (1)
  6. Adapters/Plugs (12)
  7. Battery Charger (1)
By Length
  1. 100cm (1)
  2. 60cm (1)
  3. 160cm (1)
By Connectivity
  1. Mini USB (1)
  2. Type C (8)
  3. USB (2.0) (12)
  4. 3 Pin UK Mains (11)
By Colour
  1. White (16)
  2. Black (10)
By Material
  1. Metal (1)
  2. Hard Plastic (1)
  3. ABS (1)
By Brand
  1. Puluz (3)
  2. Haweel (6)
  3. Fone Stuff (16)
  4. Apple (1)
  5. Bilitong (3)