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HD Hero Parts and Adapters - Thumbscrews, Nuts, Tripod Mounts, Ball Head Mount Accessories

Every GoPro HD Hero comes with a selection of accessories in the box, from head mounts to a 3-way pivot, everything in the box is designed to help you get set up with your GoPro HD Hero. With so many activities that you can do with your HD Hero however, it’s understandable if you end up misplacing some of the parts that come with your HD Hero. So, if for example, you end up misplacing your HD Hero’s thumb screws, you’re going to need replacements to ensure that your HD Hero is always in full working order so that you can get on with recording great footage. On this page, you’ll find a range of replacements and spare accessories and parts that will help you make sure your HD Hero is always working perfectly. From bolts to adapters and beyond, we have everything you need to make sure that your GoPro is always working well.

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  1. Accessory Mounts (8)
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  4. Thumb Screws (2)
  5. Remote Straps (1)
  6. Bike/Bicycle Mount/Adapter (1)
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