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Google Pixel 2 Spare Parts LCD Digitizers Flex Mic Screens Repairs | Fone Stuff

When it comes to the Google Pixel, there are plenty of impressive features all behind its 5-inch screen, which means it’s a smartphone that you’re going to want to ensure is working to its full capacity. Not only is there a quad core processor on board but there’s 4GB worth of RAM powering the Pixel 2 meaning that apps are opened in an instant and the phone is capable of running several resourceful apps at the same time. To make sure your Google Pixel 2 is always working as well as it should be you might have to carry out repairs from time to time. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to assist you in carrying out any work on your Google Pixel. So whether you need to fit replacement LCDs or a spare lens, our set of tools will assist you in carrying out a huge range of tasks.