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Google Pixel 2 Cases Screen Protectors Ultra Thins Leather Wallets Tough | Fone Stuff

Having a Google Pixel 2 means that you’re the owner of a smartphone that you’re going to want to protect from any potential accidents. Despite the Google Pixel 2 boasting protection in the form of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on the display, it’s still well worth looking into tempered glass screen protectors and more that will ensure your phone stays free from cracks, scratches and scuffs. The Google Pixel 2 has been designed with style and function in mind and so have the cases and covers you’ll find on this page. Designed to fit effortlessly on to your Google Pixel, you’ll find everything from leather flips to tough armour cases and more. So if you’re looking for protection for your Google Pixel, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s a wallet case that keeps your bank cards and Pixel 2 safe as well as acting as a stand or it’s a complete gadget organiser bag, you’re bound to find the right cases and protection for your Pixel 2 right here.