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Galaxy Note 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack)

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Screen Protectors
  • Why We Like It
    • Protects your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from scratches and helps aid screen shatters
    • Special coating which resist grubby fingerprints
    • Smooth glass for perfect precision touch
    • Enhances the screen colours on your Galaxy Note 4
    • Added protective anti-shatter film
  • Description

    Introducing the ultra thin explosion proof tempered glass film screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the new innovated way to protect your mobile phone.

    This screen protector is one of a kind, it is made from a high strength tempered glass which is then protected by a special film so even if you did ever manage to break the screen protector, it will not shatter into pieces, keeping you safe.

    Not only does the glass screen protector keep your phone free from scratches it can help aid your screen from cracking or breaking when accidentally dropped, we have all been through this and know how expensive it is to replace a Galaxy Note 4 screen.

    Most normal screen protectors reduce the visibility of the screen, but with the ultra thin explosion proof tempered glass film screen protector your screen colours will be more enhanced and brighter submersing you into whatever you are doing on your phone.

    If that's not enough the glass screen protector has a special oleophobic coating which will help keep them grubby fingerprint marks off your beautiful Galaxy Note 4.

  • Compatibility
    Galaxy Note 4
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