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SLiCOO Accessories | Fone Stuff

Few brands know how to create professional cases like Slicoo. Their approach to the design and manufacturing of their cases not only gives users a sense of security, knowing that their phone is going to be fully protected, but it brings together the best of high-quality materials, as well as sophisticated technology. By blending those key elements, Slicoo have been able to offer their customers with stylish and good-looking cases that are highly durable. If you want tough cases or covers that are going to stand up to the elements as well as give your phone style, then a Slicoo case could well be for you. Available in a range of colours, from pink to black and beyond, their brushed gel cases give your phone an effortlessly clean look while protecting it. If protection is your number one concern, then Slicoo have you covered with their dual layered tough cases that have been designed to stand up to whatever life throws at them. Ultimately, whatever your case requirements, Slicoo are on hand to help.

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By Manufacturer
  1. Samsung (1)
  2. Apple (3)
Device Model
  1. iPhone 5s (1)
  2. iPhone 5 (1)
  3. Galaxy S6 (1)
  4. Galaxy S5 Mini (1)
  5. iPhone SE (1)
  6. iPhone 7 Plus (1)
  7. iPhone 7 (1)
  8. iPhone 8 Plus (1)
  9. iPhone 8 (1)
By Colour
  1. Red (2)
  2. Silver (1)
  3. Gold (2)
  4. White (3)
  5. Pink (3)
  6. Black (3)
By Material
  1. TPU/Gel (4)
  2. Hard Plastic (4)
  3. Silicone (1)
By Brand
  1. SLiCOO (4)
  2. Samsung (1)

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