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Oaxis - Inkcase | Fone Stuff

At Oaxis we're all about functionality and quality. Whether it's our range of e-ink cases that allow you to take your favourite books with you on the go or our intuitive fitness bands, our accessories are designed to fit into and encourage your active lifestyle. So if you're always on the go, you're bound to find a well designed, beautiful accessory right here. Built with wellness in mind, our selection includes smart cases that utilise E-Ink technology, meaning you benefit from a crystal clear second screen for your iPhone. With the intelligent cases able to act as everything from an e-reader to a live information centre, our unique and forward thinking cases offer the perfect blend of protection and cutting edge technology. Our commitment to unique technology doesn't end there: with our Bento speaker you can wirelessly amplify your music from phones and tablets. For all this and much more, take a look at our product range yourself where your next beautifully crafted accessory is waiting for you. Approve and download Or ask for changes

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