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Case-Mate Cases | Fone Stuff

First formed in 2006, Case Mate have quickly become one of the biggest success stories when it comes to accessories. By blending fashion and style with technology, Case Mate enable users to customise their phone any which way they please. With their range of innovative cases and covers that offer tough protection to your device, Case Mate also give you the opportunity to make your device really stand out from the crowd. Whether that’s by giving your phone a personalised makeover with Case Mate’s barely there naked tough cases, or protecting your iPhone’s screen with their ultra clear metallic patterned glass screen protectors, Case Mate allow you to present your phone your way. Our range of Case Mate cases and covers range from the highly personalised to the highly styled. You can go your own way by designing your own case or you can say it in style with the Naked Tough Waterfall effect case. Whatever style you prefer, our range of effortlessly innovative Case Mate accessories will give your device an eye-catching lift.

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  1. iPhone 6s (4)
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  3. iPhone 5s (1)
  4. iPhone 5 (1)
  5. iPhone 6 Plus (3)
  6. iPhone 6s Plus (3)
  7. iPhone SE (1)
  8. iPhone 7 Plus (3)
  9. iPhone 7 (4)
  10. iPhone 8 Plus (3)
  11. iPhone 8 (3)
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  3. Clear (2)
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  1. TPU/Gel (7)
  2. Glass (1)
  3. Hard Plastic (7)

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