What are some of the Best Accessories to Pair Up with Your iPhone XR?

While iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the flagship phones released by Apple a few months back, the iPhone XR is garnering all the attention because of its lower price tag and excellent colour options.

While iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the flagship phones released by Apple a few months back, the iPhone XR is garnering all the attention because of its lower price tag and excellent colour options.

Although the iPhone XR is a fabulous buy in itself, it is still incomplete without a few accessories to go along with it.

The biggest blessing to iPhone users is the availability of a wide range of accessories that go well with their device.

Accessories are a must-buy when it comes to enhancing the look of your phone or transforming an already expensive phone into a little extra-luxurious one.

Here we are presenting you a list of 10 different iPhone XR accessories:

  • Cases & Covers

iphone xr cases and covers

How does it feel when you accidentally drop your iPhone XR and end up with multiple dents on its body? Quite heartbreaking, right?

How does it feel when you accidentally drop your iPhone XR and end up with multiple dents on its body? Quite heartbreaking, right?

That is when cases and covers come as your iPhone XR’s saviours. There are several options available in the market that can protect your iPhone XR from damages and severe scratches. From back covers to flip covers, there are thousands of them.

There are shockproof cases to protect against hard impacts, a leather wallet case to house both of your money and the phone, a waterproof case to take along your iPhone XR for underwater expeditions, and many more.

You can either opt for a cover that goes well with your dress-up for the day or a case that is just suitable for everyday use.

When it comes to the ultimate protection, ditching on your cases & covers is not at all a good idea. 

What are our picks?

Puluz® iPhone XR Underwater Diving Case

Otterbox Defender iPhone XR Case

The Fone Stuff ® Ultra-Shockproof Case with Ring Holder

CaseMe® iPhone XR Leather Wallet Case

  • Screen Protectors

iphone xr screen protectors

While cases are reliable enough to protect your iPhone XR from mishaps, using a tempered glass to safeguard the liquid retina display is of no harm.

Screen protectors work like an extra unnoticeable screen over your original one so that if your iPhone XR falls, the primary display goes undamaged. The tempered glass sticks to your device’s screen without hampering its performance.

However, some of these glasses create bubbles while installing but, there are a few quality screen protectors that adhere seamlessly.

What are our picks?

The Fone Stuff ® iPhone XR 3D Glass Screen Protector

The Fone Stuff ® iPhone XR 9H Tempered Glass

The Fone Stuff ® 3D Soft TPU Screen Protector

The Fone Stuff ® 0.1mm Back Screen Protector

  • Chargers & Adapters

iphone xr chargers and adaptors

iPhone XR comes packed with a genuine Apple charger but, a keeping spare charger handy always helps or maybe it can act as a replacement.

Low-battery beeps are everybody’s worst nightmares and, you need chargers to keep your devices alive. Though iPhone XR sports a 2942mAh Li-ion battery, a charger is a necessity.

There are numerous chargers available to keep your iPhone XR juiced up. From dual adapters to car chargers, wireless docks, and USB chargers, you can choose anyone amongst all of them.

Car chargers are your best buddies while you travel and, wireless docks are a blessing when it comes to ditching the wall sockets.

What are our Picks?

The Fone Stuff® 2 in 1 Wireless Holder Vent Mount

Haweel® 2 Port USB Plug

The Fone Stuff® Cigarette Lighter with Dual USB Ports

Floveme® Round Wireless Charger

  • Lightning Cables & Splitters

Lightning Cables & Splitters for iphone xr

Another accessory that you will need with your iPhone XR is the USB cable. If you own a MacBook Pro 2016 or later model, you would require USB-C to lighting cable which will allow you to connect to it directly. 

iPhones including iPhone XR come with a single port which you can use either to charge it or to listen to the music and, it gets a bit irritating when you are in a mood of using both of them.

The solution to this is the splitters that allow you to use your earphones and charger simultaneously. No more compromising with your favourite music while you are low on battery.

What are our picks?

Genuine Apple Lightning to USB Cable (2M)

Mcdodo® Portable iPhone USB Keychain

Hoco USB-C/Lightning/Micro-USB 2.4A Cable

Totudesign® HD 4K Lightning to HDMI TV Cable for iPhone

The Fone Stuff® 2 in 1 Lightning to Lightning Adapter

  • Headphones & Earphones

iphone xr headphones

One can never stay away from music and nothing makes it sound more soothing and clear than a pair of good earphones.

Headphones and earphones have made a good amount of improvement in the past few years. From wired to wireless with Bluetooth connectivity, you have the privilege to choose any.

Earphones are a small bundle of joy that fit perfectly in your ears while headphones are specially designed for long jogs and work-outs.

We have picked up a few of the best earphones and headphones for iPhone XR so that you can feel the music flowing inside you.

What are our picks?

The Fone Stuff® Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 4.1

The Fone Stuff ® Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones

Ghostek® SoDrop Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

The Fone Stuff ® Wireless Earphones with Charging Box

  • Travel Accessories

iphone xr travel accessories

Travelling is fun when you have a few of the cool accessories to pair with your iPhone XR.

You might need travel chargers to make sure your phone is alive throughout your journey, organiser kits so that you can keep your phone’s stuff handy, a selfie stick to capture your beautiful moments or a power bank to have an additional battery backup.

What are our picks?

BiliTong® EU High Powered 4 Ports USB Charger

Haweel® Tablet & Gadget Organiser Bag

Joyroom® Wired Extendable Selfie Stick 

Ghostek® NRGpak Power Bank 10000MAH

  • Gadgets & Gifts

gadgets and gifts for iphone xr

Besides all the mainstream accessories there are a few gadgets which you can use along with your iPhone XR. There are a variety of stylish stands available that hold your phone while you live stream on it.

Though iPhone XR boasts a 12MP camera, you can still invest in an external lens to click incredible shots. 3D VR Headset paired up with your iPhone XR can enhance your viewing experience while you watch your favourite action movie.

Not only this, you can even gift these unique accessories to your loved ones. 

What are our picks?

Bobo® Classic 3D VR Headset

The Fone Stuff® 2 in 1 Macro and Wide Lens

Live Video Stream Stand with Microphone and Lights

The Fone Stuff® Mobile Phone Controlled Quadcopter

  1. Holders & Mounts

iPhone XR Mounts

The big 6.1-inch screen of iPhone XR is obviously going to come handy for navigation while you are driving. And thus, you need a good mount that should deliver stability to your device even over sharp bumps and potholes.

Holders and mounts also come handy when you wish to go handsfree while watching movies, video calling or while reading e-books.

A few of the tripod stands allow you to fix your device while you take pictures that aren’t blurred at all. How about a holder that allows you to hang all your grocery on it so that you save an extra room for yourself in your car? 

What are our picks?

The Fone Stuff® Spider Podium Stand

The Fone Stuff® Ultra-Thin Phone Ring Holder

Rock® Car Back Headrest Magnetic Mount

BaseUs® Suction Car Phone Holder

  • Sim Cards

One of the most important accessories- Sim Cards. Sim Cards are more a necessity rather than an accessory. You can add any sim card of your choice into your iPhone XR for the best connectivity.

What are our picks?

4G EE Pay As You Go Sim Card

The Fone Stuff® Three Pay As You Go Sim Card

Lyca Mobile Pay As You Go Sim Card

Lebara Mobile Pay As You Go Sim Card

  • Miscellaneous Accessories

Besides all the above-mentioned accessories, there are other miscellaneous accessories that you can use with your iPhone XR. 

What are our Picks?

Wireless Bluetooth Multi-Touch Keyboard

The Fone Stuff® Uni-Sex Touch Screen Gloves

That’s all for the best accessories that can go with your iPhone XR and make your experience with it a long-lasting one. We assume by now you must have found the right accessories for your iPhone XR.

Now that you have gone through our roundup of the essential iPhone XR accessories let us know about the ones that seem to be most promising for your iPhone XR.

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