Make the most of your action camera with these 27 best GoPro accessories 2018

Since its launch, GoPro has gone on to become everyone’s favourite action camera, letting you record some amazing photos and videos of your exploits. But if you want to get the most out of your gadget, you will require some leading GoPro accessories.




Just to help you out, we have rounded up a list of 27 best GoPro accessories 2018, which can help you get an unmatched recording experience.



Puluz® G1 3-Axis 5 in 1 Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal with Phone Clamp Mount and Tripod Holder

puluz g1 3 axis


First up on the list is a premium quality product – the G1 3-Axis 5 in 1 Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal with Phone Clamp Mount and Tripod Holder by leading GoPro accessory maker, Puluz. This multi-faceted product can turn you from a casual photographer to professional shooter.

It has an inbuilt sensor of gravity which lets you easily switch between standard and vertical shooting mode, thereby making live broadcast possible. The gimbal also has a facial-tracking capability up to a distance of 3m that enables it to follow a person’s movement automatically and give you an amazing selfie experience.

Apart from GoPro, the gimbal is compatible with most other action cameras and 4.7-5.5 inch smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus. It supports Bluetooth wireless control through Puluz G1 applications on both iOS and Android.


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Puluz® Universal Camera Fixing Clamp Mount

puluz gopro universal fixing clamp mount


Another offering we have is the Universal Camera Fixing Clamp Mount by Puluz that lets you attach your action camera to it and seize shots that might not be possible by hand.

It can be attached to any rod with a diameter ranging from 10 mm to 25 mm such as fishing rods, motorbike and bicycle handles or grips. You can clamp your GoPro on to this, aim your camera and capture a variety of angles.


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Puluz® Underwater Waterproof Diving LED Flash Light

puluz led camera video studio and photo light


Carrying on the trend of showing you some amazing GoPro accessories by Puluz, we have the Underwater Waterproof Diving LED Flash Light. With a range of 30 metres, it gives you great illumination underwater to let you record those special moments.

The flashlight is backed by a rechargeable battery with a strong 1900 mAh capacity and can also be connected to a self-timer in order to give you a proper handsfree experience.


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Puluz® Alloy Quick Release Camera and GoPro Clip with Plate

puluz alloy quick release camera and gopro clip with plate


Next up is the Quick Release Camera and GoPro Clip with Plate by Puluz. It has a strong and sturdy aluminium construction that ensures a long product life. The clip allows you to carry your camera around during any physical activity and instantly access it so as to capture shots that you may sometimes miss.

It is ideal for outdoor expeditions and even more physically intense activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, and snowboarding. The clip can also be mounted on a tripod and has a ‘bubble-level’ feature that indicates the slant level of your camera to give you much more controlled and expert recording.


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Puluz® GoPro HERO 5, HERO 6 45m Waterproof Housing Case



Specially designed for the GoPro HERO 5 and HERO 6, the GoPro Waterproof Housing Case by Puluz allows you to carry your action camera during water-based activities by providing it protection from water damage.

It is designed to survive a depth of 45 metres underwater and has a highly-transparent glass lens that does not hamper the camera’s recording clarity. The housing case can be used to carry your GoPro not only during surface-based water sports but also during snorkelling or diving.


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Puluz® Card Reader + 20 in 1 Memory Card Case



The perfect travel accessory for your camera, the Puluz Card Reader Plus 20 in 1 Memory Card Case allows you to store as well as read your SD cards. It has a dual-compartment built that allows for storage of three CF cards, seven SD cards, nine TF cards and one card pin.

You can transfer data to and from your device using the included USB cable. The card case has a strong construction and is water resistant as well as highly-portable.


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Puluz® GoPro Dog Harness Mount



If you love your dog and like to go on adventures with him, then you should have a look at this GoPro Dog Harness Mount by Puluz. Just strap the harness around your dog, attach your GoPro to the clamp and see the world through his perspective.

It is suitable for small, medium or large dogs weighing between 7 kgs and 54 kgs. The material prevents dust and dirt particles from sticking to the surface and the harness is easy to wash.


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The Fone Stuff® TriPod Mount & Handle Grip 360 for GoPro HERO/Session Cameras



This Tripod Mount and Handle Grip by The Fone Stuff offers you the complete photography experience. It can function both as a selfie stick and a tripod that provides a sturdy and stable shooting experience. The tripod mount and handle grip has a 360-degree ball head that can be rotated to get the right viewing and shooting angle.

The handle has a rubber layer which makes for a strong grip during any kind of activity while the durable TPU and metal built allows it to sustain any kind of rough use. It weighs only 80 grams and is compact in size which makes it portable to take around on your expeditions.


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Puluz® GoPro Adjustable Chest Strap for HERO/Sessions Cameras



The GoPro Adjustable Chest Strap for HERO/Sessions Cameras by Puluz lets you get the amazing Point-of-View shooting experience without ever having to use your hands. Fit it around your chest, attach your GoPro to it and record everything you see while you are on the move.

The chest strap has a fully elastic design ensuring it can be worn by people of most sizes. It is a must-have accessory for adventure enthusiasts who like to engage in activities such as skiing, cycling, snowboarding, motorbike racing, water sports, and more.


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Puluz® GoPro Adjustable Head Strap for HERO/Session Cameras



Another great GoPro accessory for getting a handsfree, Point-of-View shooting experience is the GoPro Adjustable Head Strap for HERO/Session Camera by Puluz. It is fully adjustable to fit any head size and holds your GoPro steadily to give you a recording as close to your perspective as can possibly be.

It has a lightweight design which does not feel heavy on your head while the anti-skid design on the back prevents it from slipping, especially when you sweat.


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Puluz® GoPro Extendable Handle Pole for HERO/Session Cameras



GoPro was made to click selfies and this Extendable Handle Pole for HERO/Session Cameras from Puluz lets you do just that. With a maximum extended length of 100 cm, the pole allows you to take pictures from greater heights than your average selfie stick. It also has a 180-degree rotating head which lets you adjust your action camera at the optimum angle.

The pole weighs just 112 grams which makes it easy to carry around and operate while the foam grip ensures you can grip it comfortably. Add to this, this extendable pole can also be mounted on a tripod!


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Puluz® GoPro Aluminium Bike Seat Mount Holder



For all you bike riding enthusiasts, we have the Puluz GoPro Aluminium Bike Seat Mount Holder. It can be fixed to the back of your seat and will record rear-facing shots of the scenery your cross, your riding partners behind you or anything else in your rear-view.

Made of aluminium alloy, the mount is durable and holds your GoPro securely during any intense movement.


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Puluz® HERO 4, HERO 5 Session Storage Travel Bag



The Storage Travel Bag for HERO 4 and HERO 5 by Puluz is the perfect travel companion. It is made of high-quality nylon and EVA material, it fits easily into your bag and protects your precious GoPro from getting scratched or damaged. It also has an extra pocket inside to keep small spare parts like batteries.


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The Fone Stuff® Dual Battery Charger with LCD Display for GoPro HERO 5 / HERO 6



All action cameras run through their batteries very quickly and charging them frequently can get annoying. The Dual Battery Charger with LCD Display for GoPro HERO 5/6 by The Fone Stuff lets you charge two camera batteries simultaneously with the LCD screen indicating the battery level for each battery.

The charger has a small built which makes it easy to carry around and runs on intelligent charging technology that prevents the product from overcharging, overcurrent and short-circuit.


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The Fone Stuff® 360 Wrist Strap for GoPro HERO/Session Cameras



The 360-degree wrist strap for GoPro HERO/Session Cameras by The Fone Stuff is yet another accessory for your GoPro that gives you a handsfree shooting experience. The adjustable strap ensures that it can fit on any wrist size while the attachment mount can be rotated 360 degrees so as to let your GoPro cover all angles.

The fabric has a high capacity to resist wear and tear owing to its high strength and waterproof nature. The wrist strap is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, surfing, cycling and much more.


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The Fone Stuff® TriPod Mount for GoPro HERO/Session Cameras



Another offering by The Fone Stuff is the unique TriPod Mount for GoPro HERO/Session Cameras. It has legs which are completely flexible and can be twisted in any way in order to attach it to an ‘untraditional’ surface. You can now take shots and capture footage in angles which might be difficult by hand.


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The Fone Stuff® Silicone Protective Housing Case for GoPro HERO 5, HERO 6



This Silicone Protective Housing Case for GoPro HERO 5 and HERO 6 by The Fone Stuff offers long-lasting protection for your GoPro from any kind of damage. Made of premium grade silicone and rubber material that makes it highly resistant to shocks and bumps.

The silicone material also traps heat inside the housing case which makes the battery last longer, especially during winters. The housing case fits your camera snugly without adding any significant bulk to it.


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The Fone Stuff® GoPro Floating Handle Grip TriPod Holder & Adjustable Anti-Lost Strap



This 2 in 1 product from The Fone Stuff – the GoPro Floating Handle Grip and Tripod Holder – is a must-have! The floating handle grip keeps your GoPro afloat in water, making it suitable for general fun in the swimming pool or intense water sports. The metal tripod is removable and can be used to take steady shots from your GoPro.

The grip also has a hollow compartment with a watertight cap that can be used to keep items such as cash, keys, and other similar items. The compartment can also be filled with water to achieve neutral buoyancy and letting you shoot below the water surface.


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Puluz® GoPro 53 in 1 Accessory Bundle Set



This 53 in 1 Accessory Bundle Set by Puluz is the complete package you need to get the most out of your GoPro. It contains most of the relevant accessories such as chest strap, selfie stick, suction cup, surface mounts, tripod adapters, helmet strap and much more.

The carrying case is waterproof, shockproof and lightweight, meaning this bundle set is the ideal companion for your GoPro on all your travels.


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Puluz® Camera Lens & Housing Cap Cover for HERO 4 /3+ /3



This Camera Lens & Housing Cap Cover for HERO 4/3+/3 by Puluz offers the perfect storage security solution for your GoPro. Made of high-quality silicone and rubber, It has two caps – one covers the actual GoPro camera lens and the other to protect the housing case – to ensure all devices are safe.


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The Fone Stuff® GoPro Knuckles Mount for HERO/Session Cameras



The Fone Stuff GoPro Knuckles Mount can be worn on your hand and used to record experiences using a GoPro. Unlike a selfie stick or wrist mount, this knuckle mount does not jut out from your body but gives you an equally good handsfree shooting experience. It can be taken to concerts, weddings, parties, and other similar events.


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Puluz® GoPro Helmet Extension Mount



The GoPro Helmet Extension Mount by Puluz can be fixed with a camera, attached to your helmet and used to capture more of yourself and the surrounding from a unique point-of-view.

The mount is resilient, durable and is compatible with all sport DV cameras such as GoPro, Xiaomi, etc.


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Puluz® GoPro Folding TriPod Mount with Adapter and Screws


puluz gopro folding tripod mount


First up is the GoPro Folding TriPod Mount by Puluz. Apart from offering superior support and stability for all your stationary shooting needs, this tripod can also double up as a secure hand grip and let you capture all those special moments on the go. The handle has a non-slip ergonomic design which ensures a firm hold in your hand, even under wet or sweaty conditions.

The Puluz GoPro Folding Tripod Mount also has 90-degree rotating head offering you an optimum photography experience from all angles. The lightweight and foldable design make this tripod easy to carry around on all your travels and make sure you never miss out on anything worth remembering.


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The Fone Stuff® Sun Visor Mount for GoPro HERO/Session Cameras


the fone stuff sun visor mount for gopro


Sometimes you want to capture or record a sight from your eyesight’s perspective. The Sun Visor Mount for GoPro Hero/Session Camera by The Fone Stuff allows you to do just that! Whether you’re driving a car or riding a bike, just clip this mount to the sun visor, or anything similar, and let your GoPro capture those experiences while you keep your hands free for other activities.

The mount can hold up to 1kg of weight and can be rotated 360 degrees to cover a wide range of viewing angles. It can be clipped to anything which is up to 18mm thick and is the ideal accessory for your GoPro on those long scenic drives, ensuring your camera sees what you’re seeing at every moment.


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Puluz® Baseball Cap for Action Cameras


puluz baseball cap for gopro


Point-of-view (POV) shooting has become one of the most popular recording methods for events or situations as it depicts all that unfolds from the movie maker’s perspective. Another unique GoPro accessory that offers you POV capture is the Baseball Cap for Action Cameras by Puluz.

Whether you’re watching an event, driving or engaged in any outdoor activity such as walking, running, hiking or golfing, just fasten your GoPro to the attached mount and don the cap to enjoy a premium hands-off shooting experience. The Puluz Baseball Cap is suitable for all GoPro, SJCAM, and other leading action cameras.


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Puluz® GoPro Aluminium Extended Bike Pole Mount Adaptor


puluz gopro aluminium bike pole mount


If you are one of those adventure freaks who love to hop on their bicycle and explore the world around you, then GoPro Aluminium Extended Bike Pole Mount Adaptor by Puluz is just for you.

Made of high-quality aluminium, this mount can be fixed to your bike’s handlebar, or any other pole with a diameter ranging from 30-32 mm, and lets you capture all the footage from your GoPro or any other action camera. Better than your average plastic-made mount, this alloy-based mount has a sturdy design which keeps your GoPro in securely place and minimizes vibrations to give you a clear capture.


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Puluz® Suction Cup for GoPro Cameras


puluz suction cup for gopro


Last on the list of 27 best GoPro accessories 2018 is yet another offering by Puluz – the Suction Cup for GoPro. The ultimate adventure accessory for GoPro, this suction cup with tripod mount can be securely attached to your car’s body or windscreen, boats, or any other smooth and clean surface and mounted with a GoPro to record those thrilling experiences.

It has two adjustable heads, giving you a wider range of angles to cover, and is made of highly resilient and durable ABS plastic, making it perfect GoPro accessory for motorsports.


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Have you tried out any of these products? Have we missed out on any product? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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