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Hero5 Black Cases Waterproof Housing Bags Screen Protectors Lens Cover | Fone Stuff

The GoPro Hero 5 Black takes everything that was great about the GoPro 4 and enhances it. Taking a stripped back approach, it has been expertly designed to be fully functional as well as easy to use. With plenty of features from electronic image stabilization to stereo audio and beyond, the Hero5 Black also shoots in 4K allowing you to shoot spectacular footage in brilliant detail. With those specs and features, the Hero5 Black is certainly a GoPro that is worth protecting. With that in mind, on this page you’ll find a range of bags and cases that will protect your GoPro Hero 5 Black in a range of situations. So if, for example, you’re going diving, you might want to consider a waterproof accessory case for you GoPro Hero 5 Black. Elsewhere you’ll find everything from high quality LCD Display screen protectors to protective lens cap covers that will keep your Hero 5 safe, no-matter where you are or what you’re doing.

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