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Apple Watch 42mm Series 2, Series 3 Bluetooth Headphones | Fone Stuff

The Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 42mm offers some seriously impressive fitness features. From the waterproof mode that allows users to go swimming whilst wearing their watch, to the health app that allows you to track your progress against your health goals. Having a Series 2 42mm means that you don’t have take your phone with you whilst you run, all your data will seamlessly sync up with your fitness apps, put simply the Apple Watch Series 2 means you are free to focus on fitness. With storage on board the Apple Watch Series 2 42mm for all your favourite tracks, the Apple Watch gives you access to your music whilst at the gym. With the Bluetooth capability of the Apple Watch Series 2 42mm, you may want to consider some headphones that can connect to your Apple Watch, so you can get on with your workout wirelessly. Elsewhere on this page you’ll find portable Bluetooth speakers, which enable you to play your favourite tracks wherever you like!

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