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Apple Watch 42mm Series 2, Series 3 Screen protectors Skins Covers Straps Bands | Fone Stuff

Having an Apple Watch Series 2 42mm means that you’re always connected no-matter where you are. Whether you’re out playing sports or at a meeting, you can stay in constant contact with friends, family and colleagues without needing to constantly check your phone. Housed beneath the Apple Watch Series 2’s ceramic cast is a powerful and intuitive machine that gives you access to your iTunes, messages, photos and more. The series 2 also has a number of fitness features that help you keep track of your health goals. With such an impressive watch on your wrist, you may want to personalise it to make it feel like it’s truly yours. With our range of genuine straps, bands, holders and more, you can give your Apple Watch your own touch to make it stand out from the crowd. With genuine Apple, Baseus and more in stock, not only are our straps and band high quality, but also they’re suitable for all occasions from sports to work.

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