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Apple Watch 42mm Series 2 Power and Cables - Travel Adapters, Docks, Car Chargers, Banks

Your Apple Watch Series 2 42mm puts all your contacts and more right on your wrist. With GPS onboard and its water resistant feature, it’s a highly impressive bit of kit. Although it’s possible to get two days of battery life out of the Apple Watch Series 2 42mm, there are a number of resourceful features that could potentially drain the battery. If, for example, you’re out and about playing sports, by continually tracking your progress using the fitness features, you could find that your battery life starts to decrease. With that in mind, if you want to stay fully connected all of the time; you’re going to want to give your battery a boost. From power banks to car chargers and cables, we have everything you could possibly need right here to ensure your Apple watch battery is always topped up. There’s also worldwide travel adapters and more, all designed to work with your Apple Watch Series 2 42mm.

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By Type
  1. Power Banks (2)
  2. Car Chargers (9)
  3. Travel Chargers (13)
  4. Mains Chargers (16)
  5. Adapters/Plugs (15)
By Length
  1. 100cm (4)
  2. 60cm (1)
  3. 160cm (1)
By Connectivity
  1. Type C (8)
  2. Lightning 8 Pin (2)
  3. USB (2.0) (16)
  4. 3 Pin UK Mains (11)
By Colour
  1. White (19)
  2. Black (8)
  3. Blue (1)
By Brand
  1. Puluz (1)
  2. Haweel (5)
  3. Fone Stuff (17)
  4. Apple (1)
  5. Baseus (2)
  6. Bilitong (4)