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Apple Watch 38mm Series 2 Holders Mounts Stands Docks | Fone Stuff

Your Apple Watch Series 2 38mm has been expertly designed to fit around your lifestyle. Whether you’re going to the gym and want to keep track of all your fitness goals, or you have a busy work schedule and need to keep an eye on meeting times whilst staying in contact with your colleagues, the Apple Watch Series 2 38mm has all the features you could possibly need and more. With its dual core S2 chip processor and ION-X strengthened glass display, the watch perfectly combines design and performance to ensure that you’re wearing a market leader when it comes to wearable technology. With such an impressive piece of kit on your wrist, you’re going to want to ensure that you take care of it. This includes making sure it’s fully safe at night. On this page you’ll find a range of aluminum watch stands and desk stands that allow you to safely display and store your watch overnight. Not only does will they make sure your watch stays safe, but also their aesthetically pleasing design means that they make an excellent addition to your bedside table. Elsewhere you’ll find charging stands that keep your watch fully charged overnight.