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iPhone 7 Plus LCD Digitizers Charging Flex Mic Speakers Repairs | Fone Stuff

Sometimes, things don’t always go to plan and you need to carry out essential repairs to your device. With your iPhone 7 plus, it isn’t always easy to find the spare parts you require, thankfully, our range of genuine iPhone 7 plus spare parts make all those repairs incredibly simple. Here you’ll even find a 35 in one tool kit that will help you towards fitting any replacement parts you might have. The kit includes everything from screwdrivers to magnetizers, there’s even a suction cup. Using the kit is incredibly easy and will let you carry out any maintenance your iPhone 7 plus might need. With the iPhone 7 plus being one of the most advanced phones on the market, combining sleek and sophisticated style with high performance, you’re going to want to make sure yours stays in top condition. So if the unthinkable happens and the 5.5-inch screen cracks, you’ll find everything you need right here to help you towards fitting your replacement lcds.