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iPhone 6s 6 Spare Parts LCD Digitizers Charging Flex Mic Speakers | Fone Stuff

Having an iPhone 6S means that you’re in possession of one of the most impressive and high performance smartphones on the market. With it’s 12MP camera, 4.7-inch retina display and dual core processor, you’re going to want to make sure it’s always performing as well as it should be. To do that, you may find yourself having to carry out small repairs or fit replacement parts from time to time. Here you’ll find everything you need to assist you in your work. With our 35 in 1 toolkit, there are screwdrivers, tweezers and much more that will help you towards fitting a replacement part such as lcds and more. You’ll even find a full set of spare screws for your 6S, all designed to work with your iPhone 6S and offer strong and durable support to your device. So whatever repairs or replacing you find yourself having to do, our selection of spare parts and tools can help you complete the job with ease.