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iPhone 6s Plus 6 Plus Spare Parts LCD Digitizers Charging Flex Mic | Fone Stuff

Ensuring that your iPhone 6S plus or your 6 Plus is always operating exactly as it should is incredibly important for day-to-day life. From dust clogging up the ports on the bottom of the device to a loose screw on your phone, there are plenty of small problems that could prevent you from getting the most out of your 6S plus or 6 Plus. It is however, entirely possible for you to carry out small repairs to your iPhone 6S Plus or 6 Plus. If you have a problem with dust on your iPhone, here you’ll be able to find dust plugs that prevent your device’s ports from getting clogged up, to replacement screw sets for your phone and more. So if you find yourself needing to replace lcds on your phone for example, you’ll find everything you need right here to assist you on your way towards carrying out repairs or fitting spare parts.

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